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What’s in Our Golf Bag? Matrix Shafts

This shop has a great, aged fun character. The racks are spread out and products is either truly new or looks it. Many tags were original. Leading me to think Alexis does have a pipeline to original supplement.2) Keep the clothes hassle-free. A nice tank (embellished or not) and perfectly-fitted denim goes lengthy way. For […]


DV8 Clubs From Assembly to Swing

Curious about just how quickly you can put together the DV8 clubs? Our own Charles McLendon shows you how to assemble the shaft and swap in a club head in mere seconds. Check out our Vimeo page for more videos showcasing DV8’s quick change clubs, including reactions and product testing. Enjoy!


August Vacations: The Bucket List

We all have it… that dream of traveling to and playing at the most beautiful and famous golf courses around the world. To finish off our month of vacation inspiration, we’ve put together The Bucket List: the ultimate in golf vacay aspirations. We narrowed down the list here on the blog, but for a more comprehensive […]


What’s On Our Phone? Swing x Swing

Need a place to keep your score, track the distance of your swings, and share games with friends? Look no farther than the Swing by Swing golf app.


Rick Smith on DV8 Sports

Rick Smith, swing guru and #2 ranked PGA Tour teacher, gave our DV8 clubs a go. And well, let’s just say he approves. Thanks Rick for supporting our mission of making golf convenient and accessible! Get your set of DV8 clubs from our shop and get ready for golf anywhere, anytime.


Introducing the Club Stand!

DV8 clubs are perfect for the driving range, TopGolf, and anywhere else you want to whack a few balls around. Light weight and portable to any range (traditional or uh… unconventional) you can forget about lugging around a heavy bag. Whether it’s after work with friends or up to a scenic spot, DV8 lets you […]


Deviant Diaries: “Top Golf”

Hey there, Maddie again. Ever since I started my foray into golf, I can’t stop hearing about Top Golf, the driving range/bar/golf hangout frequented by many of my friends. I’ve heard it’s like bowling for the new age, except with better food, waiters come right to your table, and you get to be outside while sippin’ […]


Thank you, Kickstarter

This last month, DV8 Sports has been working on a Kickstarter campaign for our new EPEC Upgradable Junior Clubs. Even with all the support we have been shown this last month, we were not able to reach our $75,000 goal. But don’t think this is the last you will be hearing from us! We are […]


August Vacations: Chardonnay Golf Club

Are you a wino? Looking at hitting the golf course and the wineries? Then you already know your perfect vacation locale is Napa Valley, CA. Famous for its beautiful weather, delicious wines, and stunning scenery, this California region is hard to beat. Add a 4 star rated golf course overlooking miles of vineyards? I’m there. […]


New York Stories: Part III

For so many, traveling with golf clubs is simply not feasible. They are heavy, unruly, and result in oversized luggage fees, not to mention the time suck of checking specialty luggage. Yen, an Atlanta native who recently traveled to NYC, dislikes checking luggage and with her DV8 Sports clubs she doesn’t have to.

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